Cools Hacks for Buying Cheap Reputed Expired Domains

In this post-penguin era when domain age and authority are among the most powerful SEO factors, expired domains have become very popular. Buying a brand new domain and building its reputation so that it ranks highly on search engines can take a lot of time and effort. It is much easier to use an expired domain name that already has a high Google Page Rank (PR), Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (TF), Traffic, backlinks and other SEO factors.

However, buying a quality expired domain is more of a struggle than it sounds. First, you have to find the domain name then find a way to accommodate its price tag to your budget. Domain registrars and domain flippers sell reputed expired domains at very high prices or auction them. Chances of being outbid in an auction are very high.

So how do you buy an authority expired domain and avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for it?

Use Expired Domain Names Search Engine

When a domain name expires, it slowly fades from the common search engines. To find out which domain names have expired, you cannot use common search engines like Google. You need to make use of an expired/deleted domain name search engine. There are many expired domain names search engines. The trick is to use one that does not cost you money.

One such search engine is It keeps track of all expired or deleted domain names for every domain extension be it .com, .org, .info, .mobi, .info or regional domains. The search engine has in its database over 62 million expired and deleted domain names. It is frequently updated, and searches are free. Its filter and sorting features make finding domain names very easy. You can sort the names by domain length, registered year, the number of backlinks, drop date, etc.

If you want an expired domain finding tool that shows the essential SEO metrics of every expired domain, use The site lists the expired domains for sale alongside their DA, PA, CF and TF. These are key features to audit before buying an expired domain. The site lets you refine your search to find the domain name that best serves your purpose.

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Available deleted domains are sold at the cost of new domain names, but they come with traffic, backlinks, search engine ranking and other authority rankings. Using these tools should help you separate the wheat from the chaff in as far as the available expired domain names are concerned.

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